“White People”

I was going to wait, until I had all of my ducks in a row. Making sure everything was going to be perfect.

But things never go to plan. And I’m blaming this on White People.

The documentary came on MTV last night at 8 PM EST.  I had cleared my calendar weeks in advance to watch this. I popped imaginary popcorn for the occasion.  I collected buckets for the flow of white tears that I was sure to be pouring from my flat-screen TV.

After the disappointment that was “Dear White People,” I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as enlightening as it was made out to be. I am also aware that these things are meant to be a catalyst, not the change.

That being said, I was thoroughly entertained.  And even informed. For instance, I know that the majority of white people are liars when it comes to having a “black friend.” According to the show, 91% of white people only have white friends. And something tells me the remaining 9% have at best non-white acquaintances or co-workers. I also knew that white people are more likely to get scholarships, but they’re 40% more likely to get a scholarship than someone who looks like me!

What really struck me was the scene where Katy is lamenting about how she’s gotten high marks in school, yet she’s not able to get a scholarship.  She mentions that she was up for a scholarship between her and a Filipina, and the Filipina got it. A white guy, I’m assuming her brother, just leapt at the chance to say that this Filipina woman wasn’t qualified for it.

Um….did he know her personally? Who is he to say that she wasn’t qualified? Maybe Katy was mediocre.

And that is what’s so insidious about white privilege/aggression/fragility.  This idea that everything is inherently theirs, and there is no way that a so-called “minority” could possibly qualify for anything. It was just “handed” to them.

Despite the fact that white women receive the majority of benefits via affirmative action, there are still black and brown people with PhDs, who worked hard to get where they were, only to be told that it doesn’t mean much, because “affirmative action.”

There was also that scene where, after being presented with facts that whites are more likely to get scholarships than everyone else, Katy felt “attacked.”

Isn’t that the song of our times? Whenever confronted with facts and lived experiences, white people feel “attacked.” It’s very nauseating.

And speaking of which, I was legit attacked by several white folks on Twitter yesterday. I made an error and fed some of the trolls. Then I realized they ain’t shit and just decided to block me. Then some more decided they were going to screenshot the fact that I blocked them. They think they’ve won. But in actuality, I just don’t have the patience to teach idiots.

I may have to start playing this #RacialRoulette game!