Update! And a bit of a hiatus!

I realize it seems silly to call for a sabbatical when I don’t post that much on here, anyway, but hear me out…

I’m going through a bit of a “life slump,” as I just told one of my friends. I’m sure it’s because of my depression, that and that ambivalent weather that, up until a few days ago, was going on in New York.

I have a good job, I have a solid relationship right now, it’s looking like I got all those base needs down pat on the Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid. But I just feel like garbage a lot of the time.

There’s a word for this: Weltschmerz. Basically, the idealized vision of the world you have is not jiving with the reality that is. I’ve been struggling with this for nearly two decades.

But fret not! I do have some plans over the summer. I’m putting them here for a bit of accountability.

  • Getting a business license. I may or may not actually have a “business,” but I think it’s a good start. It’s also a great way to put yourself in the business mindset. Also….fewer taxes! *fist pump*
  • Creating a podcast. Not sure if I want to do this alone (most likely not) or have a co-host. Also wondering if I want to have a male or female co-host. I’m leaning towards both. 2-4 would be great. Three would be perfect. I’m leaning towards having this done by September, which is when I plan on moving. I’m not sure what we would talk about, but I want it to be in the realm of “edutainment.” Education can be a bit boring, and entertainment is so overdone. I think I can do both! Yes, I’m that person who will share a story on how Kansas politicians are trying to restrict the poor on ATM withdrawals, and then follow up with that ridiculous #BeyonceAlwaysonBeat hashtag nonsense.
  • Speaking from the earlier point….I do want to move. As mentioned previously, the commute that I have to do every day is insane. So, planning on moving to either Brooklyn, Harlem, western Queens. I’m vetting roommates right now. Worst case scenario, I’ll just rent out a room and pray that I’m not living with 30 roommates.
  • Writing. I plan on doing a lot more writing than what I’m doing right now. Due to life slump, it’s hard to write. But since I’ll be meeting with my editor soon, maybe that will help me out.

So….I think for the next few weeks or so, I won’t be posting. Need to revamp and get life together.



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