Oh, well. I tried it.

Anyway, after reading James Clear’s book on fostering your creativity, I’m going to try to do it this time. For serious.

One of the ideas is setting up a schedule and sticking to it. For instance, he writes minimum every Monday and Thursday. It can be anything, but he keeps to it. That’s something that I want to do. However, there are some issues. I want to write three things at once:

  • Reworking the novella
  • Writing 2-3 blog posts a week
  • Writing 5 responses on Quora a day.

Decisions, decisions!

I mean, I really could do all three, but it seems exhausting. And time consuming. Also, I have a job, and the commute is zapping me of energy. I mean, I’m going to bed around 9 or 10 pm on most days! *gasp* Is this what it feels like to be a working stiff?! It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten!

I definitely want to work on MY material every day, but I think I can break down the other two things into something a bit easier. I could easily do two blog posts a week. And I could do Quora maybe a few times a week. Yeay!

Goal – move to either Brooklyn, Harlem, or Western Queens before the summer is over. Because this commute really is hell. I don’t like spending four hours per day just commuting. Taking the Long Island Railroad is a bit out of the question, as it’s only shaving off 30 minutes of my commute, and then I STILL have to take a train to get to work. And I’m just not spending $10 one-way! Or even $250ish to get a monthly pass. I just couldn’t justify it, unless i was getting paid a lot more. So, only other option is to move closer to my job. Of course, that might become pricey. SOOOO…..I’m starting my hunt early!

And that’s all, folks, until next week (I promise!)!


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