I am back.

Yes, after a month or so hiatus, I’ve returned. I will totes make an effort to be better. Though I keep promising that and failing.

Today is my birthday. I’ve hit the big 2-7. I do not feel radically different, as I’ve essentially been preparing myself for the past two weeks of turning 27. Yesterday, I had a near melt-down as the clock was ticking, kissing goodbye to my last day of ever being 26. Now I’m one year closer to 30. 30 just seems like it will be a swell year.

But that really just means I have to get my shit together before then. They say that 85% of your major life decisions you will make before you turn 35. Which means I have a lot of shit to do before I turn 35. No pressure, right? No pressure at all!

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’m a bit disappointed that it is raining on my birthday. That really hasn’t happened since I was in middle school. And it’s supposed to rain all day. My boyfriend has some plans for me, but at the rate the rain is going, I might not get to do them *cries, cries harder*

He’s the best. When I turned 25, he took me to the Chocolate Room in Brooklyn, then I went to see my first professional basketball game, and I got to see the back and side profile of Jay-Z. After that, we went to Union Hall to participate in karaoke. I never actually got to go onstage because hours and some dude kept going up there doing awful renditions of 80s rock. Last year, I went to see Anchorman 2, ate pizza at an “authentic” Italian restaurant in Williamsburg, and saw a band at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Good times.

But yeah…I’ll write more. I promise.


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