The Writing Process (Also, the Devil is Real!)

*I’m making an effort to write at least once a week. Hold me to it!*

My mother bought me a laptop back in 2007, when I was in college. With the library and student centers closing at 8 pm sans crunch week, there was only so much work I could get done. I could also rent the laptops from the library, but that was tedious, and had to be returned the next day, unless I wanted to get a $5 (Oh, the days when I thought $5 was a lot of money!). Plus, every time you turned it off, everything would be erased. So I wanted my own!

It didn’t matter that I got the laptop less than a month before classes ended. Because I had it.

Then, in 2010, the LCD cracked (or something. I’m not terribly tech savvy). I had a habit of using my laptop as a makeshift nightstand, and would carelessly put things on it. As time went on, the blackness stretched across the screen. I could have totally replaced the laptop, but I just didn’t. Apparently, I liked the idea of resizing my windows, and they were getting smaller and smaller. ¬†And then one day, the screen was just completely black. This was in November 2012.

Again, I could have totally gone and bought a new laptop, in due time, but I just didn’t. So I’d been leeching off the boyfriend’s laptop. Which was a bit slow because he had so much stuff on it. But he went and bought a fabulous Mac. I don’t know what kind it is, but it’s big. The screen is about 30 inches (I measured). It was agreed that I would take over the laptop, and probably use it until I decided I wanted to buy a new one. And I’d buy a tablet for Christmas. Then, I’d have the trifecta of all technologies!

And then, Sunday happened….

The laptop, the one that I was supposed to get? The fucking screen cracked! So now, about a third of the screen is grey, and it flickers every now and then, like it’s taunting me. And this was the day before the Mac was set to get here. So screw the Devil, Screw Christ, and Screw Murphey’s Law!

But the good news is that the boyfriend will be buying me a laptop for Christmas. He is quite too kind. I’ve already picked out what I wanted. If I must be honest, as long as the computer can play the Sims, I am ok with that. Is it wrong that I’ve been fantasizing about playing the Sims? I really miss those days. I could live my life vicariously through the Sims, and they were replicas of both myself and whoever I was messing around with at the time, even had them down to their astrological signs.


Anyway, I’m realizing that I think I’m a night writer, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ve read article upon article about writers waking up at the crack of dawn to write. I just can’t do that. I might be more of a I wake up in the middle of the night and just start writing. Eventually, I’ll get to the writing about 4 to eight hours a day. Eventually. One day. We’ll see.