Headspace Review

*note* This is not a paid endorsement. I have no received any monetary compensation for this review. This is just a review that I have done on my own volition. Plus…I’m trying to step up my writing game.

A few months ago, I was at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Actually…it was my birthday (so yeay! Happy super belated birthday to me, and thank you very much!). My boyfriend and I were waiting for a band to start performing, and I was fiddling around on my phone. I was reading an article from the Pocket app, I think it was from Life Hacker. I don’t remember what the article was about, but it mentioned something called Headspace, which was a meditation app where you could meditate in as little as ten minutes. I was intrigued, and wanted to try it out as soon as I got home.

I was home at around 2 or 3 in the morning, and I lay in bed, checking out the app. The concept seemed very simple – learn how to meditate in ten minutes. You start off watching a few cute little videos explaining the science behind meditation and comparing meditation to sitting by the side of the road, and your thoughts are like cars. When you initially start meditating, your brain goes into overdrive, and you try to start controlling your thoughts by trying to “stop” them, which just ends up making a train wreck. 

My first time I did it, I was so restful and peaceful afterwards. And for the first few weeks, I would actually fall asleep during the middle of the meditation, only to be awakened afterwards. And to my surprise, I realized that the brief sleep that I would get was actually much more restful than the six or seven hours that I would get at night! Of course, you aren’t “supposed” to fall asleep during meditation, but that’s ok. Hint – it helps not to lie down!

There is a “Take 10” package, which is free, and it is 10 sessions with 10 minute meditations. There are other sessions, such as Take 20, Creativity, and a bunch of other things. For those looking for something deeper, there are subscription plans, all to suit what you want and how serious you are. There are monthly, yearly, bi yearly, and a forever subscription. I would recommend you try to monthly, which is $12,95 just once, to see how you like it. For me, I have tried the monthly and for having such a great peace/piece of mind, I think the price is actually worth it.


After doing Headspace, I found myself being much less stress and neurotic than I normally am. I have completely shed the silly notions and expectations of what meditation is. Plus, sometimes, when I just feel/see nothing but darkness and quietness, And then my mind will say, “Oh my god! You’re meditating!” And instead of getting upset, I just smile, laugh to myself, and go back to meditating. And it really spills into the rest of your life. I find myself automatically relaxing when I feel myself tensing up for whatever reason. And it’s great.


So give Headspace a try. You can get it on your phone, and also your computer. Your head will be less cloudy and you won’t feel like ripping your hair out (as much). 


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