Damaged Goods

An old flame barges back into your life and attempts to rewrite history. The history that left you damaged, its imprints etched deeply into your skin.  

Some people don’t understand that “I don’t ever want to speak to you again” means “I don’t ever want to speak to you again.” It doesn’t mean, oh, maybe she’ll have a change of heart or maybe things will change. Maybe these things will happen, but it’s not up to you to decide that you’ll “hurry” things along.

I recall that scene from Sex and the City where Carrie is outside Aiden’s apartment at night and she’s blathering about being sorry for hurting him and she misses him. And then he yells “YOU BROKE MY HEART!” THAT, that drove the point home.

I may not have been in love with you. But I really don’t appreciate when people take advantage of a situation and then try to get back on friendly terms, as if nothing happened.  I don’t forget anything.   And what’s even more insulting is the passive aggressive way it’s being done. Text messaging. Liking an old ass photo on Facebook.  Which means you were on my page and combed through my photos. Who does that?!

Ugh. Anyways. That’s out. And that felt good. Time to brood.



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