Craigslist Penis Effect

If you’re wondering, yes it’s exactly what it sounds like.

I’ve completely given up on Craigslist. It was a huge time suck.  And over the years I’ve kinda developed a Stockholm Syndrome towards the site. Even though I’ve gotten zilch jobs (but a few research study gigs!) and I’ve made a few acquaintances (though I wish we were closer), I’ve still run back to the site again and again. “Maybe this time,  I’ll find something or someone!” Nope,  never happens.

Maybe I’m insane. Doing the same thing and expecting different results. Oy!

I don’t quite understand the world of Craigslist, but it sucked me in. Oh,  I did sell an old mp3 player. Perhaps the sanest experience ever.

But for the most part,  sending email after email,  only to get no response feels downright abusive.  Or,  you’ve hit it off, and once you’ve sent a photo,  you never hear from the person again. “Is it me?” you screech?

But anyways,  the title. So you you’ve spent some time writing a heartfelt post for Craigslist,  whether it be for strictly platonic,  missed connections,  or the “___ seeking___” section.  To weed out all the spambots,  you write a cutesy “Wrote your zodiac sign in the subject line so I know you’re not a robot.”

And then it happens. You get mistaken for a prostitute. You’re sent a treasure trove of dick pics. Who are these vile people? Whatever happened to keeping things a mystery? Or you get a dick pic with a one liner and/or a phone number.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around this,  mainly because these are humans on the other side of that screen. And they can I’ve shockingly close to me. What compels people to send their genitalia to someone they don’t know? Or try to fish out a date from people who they’ve never seen?

A very short list from responses I’ve gotten:

– When I first moved up here,  I’d posted looking for a GAY bestie.  I got a swarm of responses from straight men wondering why I was only looking for gay men. One guy kept mentioning that he had a girlfriend, but had no problem sending me shirtless photos.
– I’ve been asked to join a threesome. Which I might have considered (*snark*), except that my ad was about being depressed and wanting someone to talk  to. I would think you’d want someone more cheerful and upbeat for a threesome,  NOT someone moping about their lot in life.
– Another threesome offer,  but I had posted about if anyone had the similar experience of always seeing 11:11.
– ANOTHER threesome offer,  despite saying I already had someone and I was looking for friends. And I specifically said no scumbag types. Jesus,  I must be a really popular options,  despite no one having seen me.

And then there are the scams. Lately I just go on there to troll them. I figured I’m taking time away from them scamming innocent folks while getting a good laugh. I was called a bitch last week. Bwahahahaha!

Troll Hunter.  Has a nice ring to it.


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