My Mistress

I have a book filled with tons of writing prompts. The idea is to help get the creativity going. One of the prompts I’ve often pondered was this: write down all of the story ideas that never manifested or were never completed.

The author was willing to bet that one of the main reasons people never finish a story is because they talk about it. For some reason, talking about it makes it lose steam. So when it comes time to sit and write, we’re no longer eager or not as eager, anyway.

Though I’ve never had an affair, I can only imagine that keeping your writing secret is similar. I must confess that ever since watching some movie with Julia Roberts being a student having a tryst with a professor….I’m about that life. I think I’ve fantasized about having an affair ever since I had that substitute teacher in 4th grade. He was 22 or 24, and he was so cute. Alas, I’ve already graduated from college, and it wouldn’t seem as enticing going back to get a second degree. Plus, after my last “relationship,” I’m soo over having an affair with a teacher.

Anyways, part of the “beauty” of having an affair is keeping it a secret. It must feel exciting getting all dolled up, but maybe not so much so as not to arouse suspicion. So as much as i love babbling about my stories, maybe it’s best to keep mum.


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