I’ve been binge-ing on Gossip Girl for the past month or so. I started watching it back when it aired on CW in 2007, but never finished past the first season because I ended up moving, and I never bought a TV. Also never seemed to have a decent WiFi to catch it on Netflix. Or, hell, sometimes, even the money to get that and WiFi. 

Anyway, I am now on Season 5, and am halfway finished. I’m not going to rehash the entire story line(s),  but the show follows the lives of Upper East Side socialites…and one Brooklyn family, specifically Dan (*side note* after this being pointed out to me, it bothers me to no end that despite the Humphrey’s living in Williamsburg, the cut scene to show you, dear viewer, that you are in Brooklyn, it’s a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and a loft – which are in DUMBO. I think the two neighborhoods are within walking distance of each other, but they are not the same /side rant over). 

I can relate to Dan in a number of ways. He’s from Brooklyn, and when I moved to New York, I did move to Brooklyn because I felt it was more “real.” I already knew that Manhattan would be far too expensive for my budget (of which I had none), but I also felt that it’s more of a playground, and Brooklyn is your home. He’s also an outsider. Despite wanting to be in that socialite life, despite having a bestseller, he’s still viewed as an outsider. Even if he had millions, he would still be considered “new money,” as opposed to the “old money” that’s on Millionaire Row. And I’ve always felt like an outsider. Not just since living here, either. In a weird way, I feel like this city is my hometown (perhaps in a past life?), but it’s a foreign land, too. Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve always felt this way. Even in the circles I’ve managed to be a part of, I’ve always felt more of a spectator, rather than a participant.

Perhaps this is why I partially believe I must have been born on another planet. 

But more importantly, he’s a writer. Just. Like. Me. And apparently a good one, too. We even have some of the same pitfalls: we both fall into the same trap of writing the same characters over and over again. With him, it’s always about some artsy schmuck that is forever pining for some Upper East Side chic that he can never quite have. For me, it’s always some quirky female who falls for some dude who’s eight years her senior. Because…apparently, I have an affinity for guys who are old enough for us to be in slightly different generations, but not so old that they could be mistaken for my father. Or even uncle. 

And yes, I spoiled it for myself and found out that he is Gossip Girl. Still, it doesn’t ruin the show for me. 

And that’s it. Because I suck at writing up a nice, tidy little ending. I will forever be cursed for having Arien qualities. 


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