One of my friends posted in article he had written on Facebook that really got me thinking. It was about the Syrian situation and what may happen and what one could do if certain situations were to come into play.

So I’m looking through the various things one could do, and I realized how woefully unprepared that I would be in these situations.  Forget an impending WW III, even just basic things.  Black outs,  snow storms, floods, hurricanes. What would I do if it were to happen right now?

I feel like the ease and convenience of city living (especially in New York City) is also a major draw back with the major events mentioned previously. When Irene was scheduled to hit a few years ago,  one of my friends asked why would you prepare BEFOREHAND? I honestly thought he couldn’t have said or asked anything dumber than that (alas, he has been able to top it over and over again). Doesn’t it make sense to prepare maybe even months beforehand?

It’s interesting how the media poked fun at “preppers,” yet when Sandy happened,  these “preppers” were more than prepared.  Maybe it’s not realistic to have six months’ worth of supplies stashed on hand, but having something is better than nothing. People in a city live in a bubble,  and I’d rather not be that one person who goes to the store in the wake of yet another hurricane and nothing’s left.


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