Ever since last month, I have been waking up ridiculously early to go out and do adult things. Like working and looking for work. Some of my friends joke and say they’re so surprised that I’m becoming an “adult” and not being all “hippie-ish” and whatnot. I also opened up a checking account (but honestly, only so I can work on my Kickstarter project and occasionally buy things online). It really sucks buying prepaid cards and worrying about all those silly transactions. And don’t get me started with the hassle of Western Union (they’re great, though!) and cashing checks. The amount they take out is practically nothing, but that “practically nothing” adds up real quick. 


But yeay! I get to finally put up my KS project up next week! I’m really excited and, as everyone else, would like to make as much money as possible.


I think I’m done. Time to make actual food and work on the novel.


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