Square One

It feels good to be home.

I have been “blogging” since 2002, at the tender age of 14. I’d use Diaryland, Xanga, MySpace, and Blogspot. I’ve closed the previous three, and I was about to go on my old blogspot account BrooklynorBust, but apparently, it has been removed (for reasons unknown to me).

Oh, well. When one door slams shut, another one busts wide open. Or maybe someone breaks in through the window. Opportunities are weird like that.

It’s a new start, and it feels good. I’m recently graduated, have a newish relationship, and I’ve reached a turning point where I’m not quite that bright-eyed girl who moved here six years ago. I’ve done a lot of growing up since then, but there’s more growing up that needs to be done. I am remaining as open as possible to all the possibilities that lay before me, while reminding myself that there are thieves, hustlers, and shysters at every corner here. I will not be taken advantage of again. I am wrestling with these contradictions and paradoxes with relative ease. It truly is a learning experience.



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